We can provide servicing and maintenance to your solar hot water system or Solar Power System

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Solar Hot Water Servicing

Minor Maintenance Every Six Months
It is recommended minor maintenance be performed every six (6) months. Minor maintenance can be performed by a member of the household.
The minor maintenance includes:
1)      If accessible, operate the easing lever on the temperature pressure relief valve.  It is very important you raise and lower the lever gently.
Warning: Exercise care to avoid any splashing of water, as water discharged from the drain line will be hot.
2)     Operate the easing lever on the expansion control valve. It is very important you raise and lower the lever gently.

Refer to your user manual for more details regarding minor maintenance and if you have any questions feel free to contact us.

If you do not have a copy of your user manual you may download a copy here (note some systems may vary from this downloadable copy and should be used as a reference only)

Major Service Every Five Years
It is recommended a major service be conducted on the water heater every five (5) years or tocoincide with the anode inspection and/or replacement, whichever occurs sooner.
The major service can only be carried out by a qualified person, Only genuine replacement parts should be used on this water heater.

During a five year service the service person will conduct the following;
Check the close circuit fluid for leaks; (closed circuit only)
Check and top up glycol levels as required;
Replace the temperature pressure relief valve;
Flush the cold water relief valve;
Visually check the unit for any potential problems; (broken glass, excessive dust build-up, shading etc)
Carefully inspect all connections;
Replace the anode;
Clean down collectors.

The service person will report any observed issues and may recommend additional repairs outside of the 5 year service when required.
Contact us to arrange 5-year servicing for your solahart solar hot water system.

Solar Power System Repairs and Maintenance

Ideally your Solar power system should require very little maintenance, from time to time you may wish to clean your panels down especially if you have large trees around your roof.

In the case that you have noticed an issue with your solar power system you can contact us to have a solar accredited electrician conduct fault finding to identify the problem and provide you with advice and recommendations on how the problem can be resolved.

If you live within the ACT it is required by ActewAGl Distribution that your inverter has a mandatory anti-islanding test every 5 years, Our qualified technician will come to your home and perform the required testing to your inverter and submit the test report paperwork on your behalf, you will also receive a copy for your records.